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Latinos Bar is open for Salsa dancing every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm till late! Brand new wooden dance floor.l

Free Salsa class every Friday night from 9:30pm onwards. here to find out more.....


Tango Red - Open every Sunday from 7:30pm till 10:30pm. cocktails available such as "Tango Feroz". $8 cover charge (Applies to dancers only).

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Dance classes

Learn to dance Cuban Style Salsa, Puerto Rican Salsa on 2 right here in Wellington. Learn the real latin flavour with Teachers from Cuba and Panama. There are classes available from Tuesday thru to Thursday night. Find out more about Salsa or Tango classes

Private functions

Latinos Bar can cater for your private function.
We specialise in Latin American cuisine .

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Latinos can cater for up to 150 people, with or without seating. We can also provide authentic Latin American tapas (light meals), or you can use our kitchen! There is a stage and/or raised dancefloor, cabaret-style seating, and a bar specialising in authentic South American cocktails. Latinos also has a number of reputable Latin DJs who are available to spice up your evening. This class will give you the basic skills (rhythm and footwork) and the confidence to start your "dancing career" and get you out on the dance floor. Beginners II is the next step in learning salsa. Here you'll learn leading and getting around the dance floor.

The class runs till 9.00pm , with a practice session to follow until 10pm. Beth and Geoff concentrate on good technique, practical moves and fancy tricks to help you have fun and become a well-rounded dancer. You’ve heard the grooves and seen the moves, and now you want to get into it and shake your lil’ bootie! There are a crazy bunch of enthusiasts – Latinos and Kiwis – who have discovered that something special about Latin American music and dance, like Tango, Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Cumbia… and not to mention Capoeira and all that wild percussion! You’ve come to the right place to find out more…

Tango Argentina is the original tango - where it all began. Tango is a very passionate partner dance. It is stylised, it is sexy, it takes over your life. Tango music is beautiful and expresses the sentiments of the people. Tango comes in - and is expressed in - a number of 'moods' that make up what is known as the tango. Tango can be sad, angry, happy, melancholy, reflective ... anything and everything. It can even be all these moods within the one song.

Dancing the tango is like going on an emotional roller coaster ride. It is danced best when the dancers totally give themselves over to the tango and its mood. There is a saying that a person does not choose the tango - the tango chooses the person. This seems to be very true. Once someone starts learning the tango, there is no looking back. Whether it’s the steamy Salsa, the saucy Merengue, or the suggestive Tango, Latinos is the place to dance! The bar hosts live music from Wellington’s own Latin and Jazz musos, as well as having a fabulous line up of DJs.

The bar has a raised dance floor for the show-off in all of us, and even if you don’t know how to partner dance (yet), you can always just boogie away to the funkiest Latin sounds this side of Río. If you do want to learn some moves and grooves, we have classes for any level of dancer.

You can try out the different styles of dance at our regular FREE introductory classes – usually every Saturday 8.30-9.30pm (ring at 381 0959 to confirm).

Latino music and dances

While the music of Latin America brings joy and makes us want to dance, the Latino dances are fascinating and seductive. There are many renowned Latino artists who can enhance the mood even from the first musical notes. Whether you are at a music festival, in our Latinos Tapas Bar or at your home, here are the best Latino songs and dances that you should know.

Feel the Latino rhythm

The most popular latin dances are bachata, salsa, merengue and cha cha. You can learn the basic moves and even practice them whenever you want at Latinos Tapas Bar. You will find here friendly people willing to be your guide and learning how to dance on the most appreciated Latino songs will be a piece of cake. Get your comfy shoes, get dressed to impress and come to our venue to dance on the warm Latino rhythms.

Whether you are a fan of the dynamic salsa or you prefer dancing the enticing moves of bachata, you will discover the secrets of these Latino dances in our venue. The emphasis is on the body, not on the legs, the music will fill the air and you and your partner will feel amazing together. You may dance with the people you will meet here or you can come with some beautiful escorts you can find on All you have to do is enjoy the lovely Latino songs and dance until your feet will hurt.

Look at the other dances when they practice bachata and notice how they feel every beat of the music. Just like salsa, bachata is an 8-beat dance and will allow you to perfectly feel the motion in your hips. Maintain a swaying motion in your hips and step along with your partner, learning how to coordinate your moves. Bachata is about sensitivity, sensuality and closeness – so you will certainly get to love dancing on even from your first lesson.

The cha cha basic movement involves 10 steps that are actually a combination of chasses and rock steps that are executed in open or closed facing position. However, this Latino dance will seem a little complicated on your first dancing lessons. The nice people you will meet at Latinos Tapas Bar will show you the moves and patiently wait for you to learn them, so do not be afraid to experiment and discover the wonderful secrets of cha cha.

You will hear songs such as “Vivir Lo Nuestro” played by Marc Antony and La India, “La Mayonesa” performed by Chocolate, “La Chona” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana and “Conga” performed by Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine. You will have fun with your new friends and you will fall in love with the Latino moves of bachata, cha cha, salsa, cumbia and mambo.

Have a night out with your friends and learn something new, too! Come to Latinos Tapas Bar for the contagious and playful rhythms, uncover the secrets of Latino dances and move your body until the sun will come up, announcing a new day. Get your dancing shoes and prepare for one of the best Latino parties ever!